Friday, 11 May 2012

The Unreality Of Time

In August 2011, the conceived plan for a 4-way split album between Rasalhague, Psychomanteum, Taphephobia  and Cogwheel  was initially meant for a CDr release between Kalpamantra and a friend's label.

At the time, problems arose that meant an EP version was posted online as a means to keep the aura generating while we waited it out.
During last month plans went ahead, and the split CDr was confirmed by Kalpamantra and Exxospheric Emissions.

It's now my distinct pleasure to announce that the CDr's have returned from the factory, and is now readily available from Exxospheric Emissions.

I've not yet received my half of the release, but within the next week or so, I shall!

Some links of potential interest: