Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Giving Thanks

Well, that's another well-stocked compilation put out there in the music world.

I must say, neither Saur Maas  nor Krtrima Sprha  were targeted at being as full as they turned out to be (okay, SM might  have been) but the sheer volume of musicians who wanted to be a part of the latest chapter was too large to deny. I know, there are a small handful of people [that have made their opinions known] who don't think compilations should be as stocked as mine are, but 99% of my listeners want that, and since  I compile these specifically for you/them, saying no isn't really a choice.

Nonetheless, I can usually measure success from word of mouth, or how quickly my credits on BandCamp are used.
Saur Maas  lasted two days before the credits were consumed, the latest was 'sold out' within 20 hours.

Unfortunately, I don't get money every day, so maintaining my BandCamp is something that takes time, but I've taken the liberty of spending hours in front of my computer screen uploading the album on in the case [of time] that it'd wind up this way... again.

Still... I didn't think I'd ever receive the reception I did for SM, yet I did.
What's more, the new compilation has received even bigger notice, in even shorter time.

I'm grateful to every single individual, band, promoter and writer that took the time to write to me with their approvals and appraisals.
I'm also glad so many of you took the time to read the relevant files I attached.

You'll be happy to know, there's more where that came from.
The Malignant-based comp is due in late June, and I just MIGHT have some other future plans...

But anyway, I just wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone who's supported my work since I first started...

Thanks again!